New Brunswick

Photo: NB Tourism & ParksPhoto: NB Tourism & Parks

New Brunswick is home to the Acadian culture, Canada’s first French settlement with a rich history and culture all its own, providing countless experiences to discover in your motorhome.

Canada’s only officially bilingual province? Not Quebec as you may have thought, but New Brunswick. The English/French split is around 50/50. But as you travel through New Brunswick in your motorhome you will notice that New Brunswick French sounds different - that’s Acadian (“Cajun” as they say down south).

The settlers of New France were purged by the British in the mid-18th century and the places on New Brunswick’s north coast they were pushed to—or found their way back to—are now some of the prettiest and most interesting villages in Canada to travel through by RV.

The tides at the Bay of Fundy are the highest on the planet. This is one of New brunswick's most famed natural attractions and is a must-do if you're travelling around New Brunswick by motorhome. Hundreds of millions of tons of seawater slosh in and out of the bay twice a day at the height of a four-storey building, reportedly equivalent to the flow of all freshwater rivers on earth. Migratory birds by the thousands congregate on the Fundy mudflats to feed on mud shrimp, and there are more species of whales in the bay than anywhere else.

The main centres for RV rentals in New Brunswick are from Moncton or Fredericton. The province is an ideal RV destination in any season:

  • Skate on frozen ponds and rinks in winter.
  • Visit in spring for maple syrup season and fiddleheads (tender fern tendrils sautéed into a yummy dish).
  • Summer means warm, oceanside walks and sailing with whales alongside.
  • Fall in New Brunswick is brilliant with colour as leaves change in the harvest season – a fabulous time for a road trip in your RV.


Fredericton is New Brunswick's provincial capital. Nestled alongside the St. John River, it's known as Atlantic Canada's Riverfront Capital, a city that has a friendly and warm small town feel but with the diverse atmosphere of a bigger city.

It's a perfect starting point to explore Atlantic Canada by motorhome, being within a two hour drive to over 15 of New Brunswick¹s top attractions.

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