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Stephen Avenue, Calgary - Photo by Chuck Szmurlo, Wikimedia Creative CommonsStephen Avenue, Calgary - Photo by Chuck Szmurlo, Wikimedia Creative Commons

Calgary in Alberta is a city built on the oil industry, and is the home of the famous annual Calgary Stampede. The city serves as a launching point for trips into the Rocky Mountains and the skifields of Banff and Jasper, but is also a great place to visit in its own right. Set between foothills and prairies on the banks of the Bow River, it is an oasis of urbanity in the Canadian wilderness.

Downtown Calgary offers plenty of options for shopping, eating and entertainment. Around the Olympic Plaza can be found the City Hall, EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts and the  University of Lethbridge. Great downtown shopping is at Stephen Avenue Walk, home to Fashion Central. There is also a shopping centre in the CBD called the CORE and a restored building at Centre Street and 7th Avenue SW which houses galleries, studios and opportunities to buy local art.


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The city has lots of green areas. In the river which winds through the city there are two islands covered in parkland, Prince’s Island and St. George’s Island which host Prince’s Island Park and Centenary Park respectively. Much of the riverbanks are lined with green public areas, and they are also dotted throughout the suburbs. The world-class Calgary Zoo and Botanical Garden are on the north bank of the river, and amongst the northern suburbs is Nose Hill Park, one of the largest municipal parks in North America. The hill can be climbed for wonderful views of the city and surrounds.

Calgary from Nose Hill

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The 1988 Winter Olympic Games were held in Calgary, and these games became famous as the first to host a Jamaican team- the four person bobsled squad which later became the inspiration for the movie ‘Cool Runnings.’ WinSport’s Olympic Park is still up and running in Calgary and is one of the best recreation and winter sport facilities in the world. It is open for recreational activities including skiing, snowboarding, mini golf, ziplining, summer camps and more. It is also a training venue for athletes.

Olympic Park

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Another event calls Calgary home, this one annual. The Calgary Stampede is the world’s largest rodeo, and it runs over ten days as an extravaganza of rodeo events, races, parades, concerts, stalls, competitions and exhibitions. The entire city is transformed by the Stampede, both during the event and the lead-up, with themed parties, celebrations and special deals by local businesses and people and buildings decked out in western gear. Even Calgary’s Canadian Football team is called the Stampeders.


Historic attractions in Calgary tell the story of the city as a frontier settlement originally driven by agriculture and farming. In 1902 oil was discovered in Alberta and little Calgary grew exponentially when the industry took off halfway through the century. You can visit the Fort Calgary Historic Park, the city’s oldest historic site dating back to 1984, the Military Museums, the Heritage Park colonial village and the huge Glenbow Museum.


Neighbourhoods of interest in Calgary include the diverse Forest Lawn International lined with ethnic restaurants, bars and pawn shops, old Inglewood which is the original downtown area of Calgary,  and the Beltline which is a trendy place to get amongst the party scene. Kensington is noted for great shopping, and near the city centre there is the obligatory chinatown district.


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From Calgary it is not too far to Vancouver and Canada’s western coast, or south to the United States- namely, mountainous Montana. It is a long but worthwhile cross-country drive to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and the towns of Nova Scotia on the eastern coast. A motorhome rental in Calgary will take you places! Have a look here for great deals on Calgary RV Rental.


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