The World At Your Doorstep Part 6: What Clothing Should You Bring?

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Think Casual & Comfortable. When motorhoming, casual dress is the custom, the norm. Casual and comfortable. An interesting dichotomy in motorhome touring is that, more than any other travel style, you will almost always have room enough to bring excessive quantities of clothing . . . and yet there may be no style of travel in which there is less need for a diversified wardrobe.

There is of course no rule against “dressing up” during a motorhome touring holiday. You will have room for some extra clothing and may enjoy dressing for an evening out now and then. You will find that upscale clothing is an exception to custom.

Think Flexible. If there is a “rule” for putting together a caravanning wardrobe, it is that it be casual, flexible and, above all else, comfortable. We have never, in all our decades of self contained travel, been in a motorhome related situation where casual clothing was inappropriate. If it makes you feel better, take one outfit which is perhaps “up-scale casual”. It is unlikely you will need it.

As in packing for any trip, think in terms of flexibility. My rule of thumb is to not take anything unless it can be worn at least three different ways. (As an aside, Kay finds such criteria to be more bother than value.) You will save yourself some aggravation by selecting a wardrobe which is easy to care for and not inclined to wrinkle. Additionally, let your selection process favor darker colored clothing. White slacks might look great on a cruise ship, but they won’t look good for more than about 5 minutes hanging around a campground.

Be Prepared For Changing Weather. Occasionally you will go on a motorhome touring holiday and have perfect weather from start to finish. While it could happen on the trip you are now planning, our advice is to not count on it. Yours is likely to be an active trip with an orientation towards outdoor activities. Pack in such a way as to be prepared for changes in weather.

If you are too cold, too hot or too wet, it is at best difficult to enjoy your holiday. Dressing in layers instead of in a single, heavy piece of clothing allows you to adjust to a variety of weather conditions. Assuming you will not be going on holiday during extremely cold weather, you will be well served by an outer layer which is of a breathable, wind and water proof material worn over a middle layer of insulating material such as a fleece jacket or a sweater.

The ability to bring along more clothing than you need doesn’t mean there is a requirement that you do so. In fact, you can choose the “keep it simple” school of thought and bring a minimal amount of clothing. If needed, you will be able to find laundry facilities nearly every place you travel . . . and you can always supplement your wardrobe by buying that “perfect” souvenir t-shirt or sweatshirt!

Finally, it's a good idea to pack your clothes and belongings in soft luggage bags, rather than hard shelled suitcases. The storage compartments in motorhomes can be pokey, so you'll appreciate being able to unpack your clothes, then fold and store your bags.



Don’t Buy Special Clothing. Unlike trips you may have taken in the past, motorhome touring holidays don’t require any special clothing. If you plan to go out to someplace special, you might bring one outfit that’s a bit upscale. Otherwise, think casual and comfortable as you pack . . . and your wardrobe will be perfect.

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