The World At Your Doorstep Part 3: The Motorhome Holiday Planning Process

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Holidays begin before they ever actually start – there is heightened anticipation and an increase in eagerness as the traveler begins the planning process. The vacation becomes more tangible as plans are fleshed out, new layers of detail penciled in. Planning is more than the developing of a scheduling roadmap for a physical journey. It is the process which builds a mental bridge between where you are now and the actual day you depart.

The Role of Planning
Vacations have this in common – the traveler leaves home, goes some place, does some stuff and returns. Such travel usually starts with a predetermined beginning and a known end. If you can manage to do some interesting things in the time between, preferably with a bit of style and a touch of eccentricity, it is likely you will return feeling satisfied with your journey.
Travel, at least in part, is a search for the unknown and the unexpected. Self-contained, self-guided, self-structured travel – specifically travel in a rental motorhome – will tend to increase your encounters with both the unknown and the unexpected. Your goal as a travel planner is to set aside slots of time for those things you want to be sure are included while leaving time open for spur-of-the-moment pleasures.

Concerns About Under Planning
One of the advantages of self-contained travel is the increased flexibility compared to other types of holidays. You can, depending on the time of year and the part of the world, get by with very little advance planning. You can be a free spirit, drifting with the tides, deciding on things as you go.
The key is to plan enough to ensure the inclusion of those experiences which are viewed as really important and to do so without becoming so regimented that the traveler looses the sense of freedom which attracted them to the idea of motorhome touring in the first place. The risk in under planning – in taking a sort of “go with the flow” approach to any trip and scheduling nothing – is that scheduling nothing pretty much guarantees that nothing is what will get done.

Dangers of Over Planning
At the other end of the travel planning continuum is the severely over planned vacation. The type of thing where you allow one hour to visit a major destination and stick with that schedule regardless of what you find when you get there. With such scheduling you must accept the risk your party may wind up moving on without having really experienced much of anything. It can be seen as a sort of “trophy traveling” – checking a series of predetermined objectives off of the “been there/done that” list without ever really having experienced any of them.
The key to good planning is to find an appropriate balance, as defined by you, between an overly structured holiday and one in which you return having experienced no memorable moments at all. Working towards that planning balance will be the subject of several future articles here at The World at Your Doorstep. We hope you’ll check back often!


Planning Helps Avoid Impulse Decisions. Starting out with at least a general, outline sort of itinerary will provide a framework within which you can evaluate new vacation opportunities as they come along. Those things you decide to do on the spur of the moment can be the icing on the cake of your vacation experience. To the extent such impulse decisions take you outside your intended budgetary framework, they can also be expected to increase your vacation costs beyond what you had originally planned. We encourage spontaneity. Here we are only suggesting you be aware of its costs.

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