The World At Your Doorstep: Part 10: A Day In The Life - Bahia Honda

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Many of the advantages of traveling about in a motorhome are clear, a few are less obvious. Today we’ll touch on one of the less obvious advantages: what we call “in camp days” . . . with all the comforts of home!

In simple terms, an in camp day means pretty much what the name implies: a day where instead of charging about looking at stuff, you allow time to enjoy being where you are. By way of example:
Not long ago we were camped at Bahia Honda State Park, located in the Florida Keys – a string of 1,700 islands and reefs which collectively form the southeast extremity of the United States.

We had a nearly perfect site – spacious, private, on the water – and we had decided to make a day of “staying home”.

We actually started with a bit of shopping the previous day – planning to take advantage of having our own refrigerator, coffee pot, stove and toaster!

Our day opened with a pot of coffee made with fresh-ground beans from a great little store in Key West: Baby’s Coffee. (A blend called “Hemingway's Hair of the Dog”.) We added a breakfast treat of Mango Bread from Cole’s Peace Artisan Bakery – served not so much toasted as warmed, topped with a generous spread of cream cheese. We know it’s hard to imagine spending two hours over coffee and bread, but we managed to do exactly that!

We next rented a sit-on-top double kayak at the concession located in the park and spent the balance of the morning exploring the beautiful waters that surround Bahia Honda. We returned to our campsite around noon, rinsed off in the shower and turned our thoughts once again to food.

For lunch we grilled Cuban Sandwiches – from The Five Brothers in Key West – on our little stove and took them, along with a couple of tall cans of iced tea, to one of the small pavilions near the park’s Calusa Beach. There we ate, relaxed and had a few laughs as we watched children playing in the sand.
From Calusa Beach, we went to Loggerhead Beach and waded out to a large, shallow sandbar. We played on the sandbar for a while before heading to our main hang-out for the afternoon, Sandspur Beach. There we spent the remainder of the day: snorkeling, lounging in the sand, reading.

After a quick rinse in the public fresh water showers, it was back to the campsite for us.

Dinner was a no-brainer: A quick pass through the microwave and voila: Conch Monterey - big tender pieces of fried conch with melted cheese and jalapenos on top! Ours had been waiting in the refrigerator – leftovers from the previous evening’s dinner at Herbie's Restaurant.

It was the sort of day where we got up in morning with absolutely nothing to do and, as we watched the sun set from our little home on wheels, we knew we’d only accomplished about half of it!

NOTE: Staying at Bahia Honda State Park requires a significant amount of planning ahead – or a bit of luck. The Florida State Parks accept reservations 11 months in advance . . . and Bahia Honda is nearly always full! Occasionally you can get a spot there because of a last minute cancellation, but it isn’t the sort of thing you can plan on.


Sometimes saving money is as simple as slowing down and taking time to take pleasure in what you’ve already paid for. Our day at Bahia Honda State Park is an example. As you discover special places on your motorhome touring holiday, allow yourself time to enjoy them.

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