The World At Your Doorstep Part 1: An Introduction

Posted by Dave & Kay Corby on 12 May 2010 | 0 Comments

A family vacation in the late 50’s was my introduction to RV travel. From Kansas to the Pacific Ocean and back. The Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Pismo Beach, Yosemite National Park, the Great Salt Lake, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone! Four people in a 16 foot Shasta (yellow with really cool silver wings on the back), no bathroom, sleeping arrangements a bit cramped . . . and the closest to heaven I had then ever been. Though I suppose I didn’t realize it at the time, I was hooked! 

In the years since I have traveled as a backpacker and a car camper. I have journeyed in Van Conversions, a couple of Class C motorhomes and a Class A. I have pulled a 16 foot hybrid trailer, 19 and 30 foot conventional trailers, 33 and 38 foot 5th wheels.

Kay and I have journeyed literally thousands of nights as self-contained travelers. And we’ve only touched lightly on the list of places we’d like to see, things we’d like to do, experiences we’d like to have. In fact, prior to the end of the year we’ll be without a “sticks and bricks” house. We will be living and traveling full time in our 5th wheel.

For many, the thought “Let’s go touring in a motorhome” is inherently exciting – an implied adventure in the words “Let’s go touring” and a sense of something fresh with the addition of the idea of “in a motorhome”. The thought of traveling in a new way and to new places is exhilarating. Your presence here, on this site, suggests you are at least thinking about vacationing in a rental RV, motorhome, campervan or travel trailer and that you are in search of further knowledge. We congratulate you on your willingness to consider new ways of doing things!

Dave and his mother – Becky Corby – in Grand Teton National Park circa 1961


Knowing that many of you have never traveled in a motorhome, we recognize that motorhomes seem comparatively large (which is of course true), and generally incomprehensible (which is false). All who are now motorhome touring veterans have stood where you now stand – in a place of not knowing, of facing discomforting complexity. That millions have started with little or no knowledge and have gone on to have wonderful motorhome vacations indicates that, with the right rental unit and the right information, you can do the same.

We recognize that people will read this column for a variety of reasons, seeking a wide range of information. Some of you are here for a little preliminary information gathering or to satisfy a bit of curiosity. Many of you have never vacationed in a motorhome and have stopped by to begin learning what it’s all about.

Others will have already made their decision, committed to a motorhome touring vacation and have come here looking for a few last minute tips to make the journey smoother and more enjoyable. Included are readers with years of experience in self-contained travel . . . and those who have never even been inside a motorhome, campervan, RV or travel trailer.

These columns will provide tips, tricks and techniques for those with all levels of knowledge and experience. We think you will each find information of value in these columns. We hope you will stop by often. 


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