Wolfgangsee with Schafberg, Upper Austria

Wolfgangsee with Schafberg, Upper Austria

photo by Tigerente (wikimedia commons)

Best Roadtrips in Austria

photo by Sparre (Flickr Creative Commons)Spanish Riding School-photo by Sparre (Flickr Creative Commons)

Austria has some extremely good roads which is great for campervan hire vehicles.  The roads are long, wide and unchallenging, it also has some very beautiful and not so unchallenging ones, but with the outstanding views you won’t notice the bends.  Take your time and visit both the scenic countryside and the beautiful cities.

These are just a two different itineraries; one short, the other longer, but easily adapted, for visitors with campervan hire or motorhome rental in Austria.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

Written as Großglockner on the signposts the ‘ß’ should give you a clue as to the shape of the road in places.  Yes, it can be quite bendy at times but the views are incredible, so take your time and forget about anyone behind you.  Named after Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner, the route was an important pass through the Alps to generate income from tourists after the First World War.   The route is only open between May and October due to snow but the views from the highest point at 2,500 meters is why visitors come.  Snaking bends, valleys and peaks are what you’ll see and although its only 48 km long it’s a day’s drive, with stops of course.

The Vienna Loop

More than just a day trip, the Vienna loop begins in…..Vienna.  Taking around seven leisurely days, the route visits some of the most important sites in Austria.  You have to spend some time in Vienna; there are some beautiful palaces and the famous Spanish Riding School with their dancing horses.

From Vienna head north for the Wachau Valley, there are some very beautiful villages with gorgeous views around Krems an der Donau which is right on the Danube.  This area is ideal for motorhome rental or campervan hire, you can stop at any number of places along the way for a scenic lunch, relax and then move on. Travel down to Spitz and take a break from driving, hop on a boat and experience a mini cruise on the Danube.  

Make your way towards Salzburg; its only 3 hours from Vienna, so only a short drive.  Spend a few days here in the birthplace of Mozart.

From Salzburg head for Lake Wolfgangsee which is a typically picturesque place to visit.  Stay anywhere around the lake; but St. Gilgen and Bad Ischel are especially nice.  These areas are popular with skiers in the wintertime but in spring and summer there are cooling breezes from the water and some beautiful flowers and mountain scenery to enjoy.

Next destination is the university city of Graz.  The old town is a World Heritage Site and a ‘must do’ is a visit to the Glockenspiel, with its rotating dancing figures and musical accompaniment at precisely 11:00, 15:00 and 18:00 each day

From Graz make your way back to the beginning of the loop, Vienna.

Austria is a country of outstanding panoramas and ideal for motorhome rental, wherever you look from your vantage point there will be something to take your breath away, and unlike much of continental Europe it won’t be the locals driving methods! 

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