Perth Foreshore

Perth Foreshore

Photo by Thewinchester (wikimedia commons)

Perth, Broome & WA

Cable Beach, W.ACable Beach, W.A

Popular Places: Perth, Rottnest Island, The Pinnacles, The Kimberley, Broome, Ningaloo Reef, Purnululu National Park, Shark Bay, Margaret River.

  • This is Australia’s largest state in terms of area, covering the western third of the mainland (five times the size of Texas).
  • Its capital city, Perth, is one of the most isolated metropolitan areas on the planet – the nearest city is Adelaide (over 2000 kms away) – in fact it’s closer to East Timor and Jakarta in Indonesia than it is to Sydney or Melbourne.
  • Perth is Australia’s sunniest city (which is saying a lot!). The temperatures reach above 40 degrees Celsius in summer, although its winters are mild. The heat is generally dry rather than humid.
  • Perth is a handsome, modern city with fantastic parks, great swimming and superb surf. The Swan River runs through the city and most residents define themselves as either living North or South of the river. The river flows into the Indian Ocean at the Port of Fremantle, another beautiful town with great historic buildings.
  • Driving south out of Perth takes you to towns such as Albany and Esperance, with this region claiming some of the best beaches in the world. South West Australia is also home to parts of the Karri forest where some of the world’s tallest trees grow.
  • Head north from Perth in your campervan and you’ll hit the Outback. The top third of W.A. is tropical and you’ll see rainforest along the coast, and endless grassy savannah dotted with kangaroos and all sorts of other wildlife. South and inland are the huge deserts – the biggest in the world apart from the famous Sahara. The main deserts are the Simpson Desert, the Great Victoria Desert, The Great Sandy Desert, and the Nullabor Plain. This region is famous for its spectacular springtime display of wildflowers.
  • There’s more coastline in W.A than in any other state, much of it beautiful white sand and sparkling turquoise water. However, many of the northern beaches are home to sharks and other treacherous wildlife, so brush up on your local knowledge before deciding if and when to swim.
  • The most westerly point of Australia is North West Cape, the location of the Ningaloo Reef. It’s not as large as the Great Barrier Reef but is just as spectacular, more accessible and less populated.
  • There are many huge mines in W.A, so road trains are frequently seen. The open cast mines make for an interesting visit, as they house some of the world’s biggest earth-moving machinery, trucks with houses in them, and trains kilometres long.
  • Following the main highway north in your motorhome will take you to the Northern Territory, whereas the south of the state is bordered by South Australia. Off the west coast is the Indian Ocean and beyond the southern border is the Great Southern Ocean. The nearest landmass to the south is Antarctica.


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